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Announcement:  Open Doors Panama Estates Launches 3-D Virtual Realty Tours

We are super excited to bring the world of real estate even closer together with fully immersive 3-D virtual tours of our listings!  Find out more about the service by clicking here to read the full information page.

When people think of Virtual Reality, they thing video games.  So we call it “Virtual Realty” just so it’s clear that what you will see in those goggles is HOMES.  Beautiful Pedasi Panama homes for sale, right now. Go on and take a look!

Why we went Virtual

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Pedasi has been all over the global internet as a top retirement destination lately.  This brings a new kind of tourist with dreams of a low-cost beach life away from the hustle and bustle.   These people are less interested in whale watching and more interested in seeing neighborhoods and homes to get a sense of whether or not this area is a fit for them.

Brent and I know that today’s browsers are tomorrow’s buyers, but we are super picky about our showings and making sure that the home is clean and ready, which can be a hassle for sellers.   VR helps us provide GREAT service to buyers anywhere on the spectrum of readiness and meanwhile provide a filter for sellers who only want serious buyers in the front door.  Hooray for solutions!

Take a Virtual Tour of Pedasi

To make it even more fun, we also added a mini-tour of Pedasi!  Now you can stroll the streets or jump to some of the key destinations.  We’ll be adding locations as the sun and time allows.  Keep in mind, if you have not been to Pedasi yet, that the real “magic” of Pedasi is its super friendly PEOPLE and the happy, positive vibe that comes from saying “Buenas” to everyone you meet.  You can’t see and feel that in 3-D Virtual Reality, so you’ll still have to come and visit.  Click here to learn more about Pedasi, Panama via photos, video and now 3-D virtual Tour! 

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