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Announcement: Open Doors Panama Joins ACOBIR- Panama’s Board of Real Estate


It was a high class event for a business luncheon.  ACOBIR does not take membership lightly, and neither do we.  Since coming to Panama almost two years ago, I have to say that one of the things I miss as a professional is the camaraderie, the networking, and the professionalism of being a member of a board.  On Wednesday, I was in a familiar place, among my peers.  They spoke about ethics, working relationships, economics and current events that effect the real estate market… all the same things we talk about in board meetings in the USA, just in Spanish!  I had the pleasure to meet some great brokers and definitely see a lot of potential for great working relationships and referrals.

For our sellers… awesome MLS exposure for your home with professional brokers in the city and placement on, other well-ranked national and international websites. Most importantly, we are part of a networking culture of shared commissions to produce faster sales for our exclusive listings.  It’s a win/win!

Ethics, Processes, and Professionalism- Why membership matters

Back in Colorado, where I was in real estate since 2006, I really took for granted the National Association of REALTORS, the code of ethics that we operate professionally by, and the overall ease of putting a home in the MLS and just trusting the system and other brokers to get that house sold.  It was easy and everybody did it.  We had pre-approved contracts that I could fill in the blanks and fire off to a client in 45 minutes… signatures all executed online.  Exclusive listings and buyer agreements were normal operating procedure. Board meetings every Friday were attended by the same brokers week after week, some seeing the benefit of networking among peers and others taking advantage of free education to sharpen skills.  The longer you are in this industry, investing in education and learning through transactions and from your peers, the more value you bring to your clients.  

Last week I came and came to Panama to attend the ACOBIR licensing class (in Spanish) along with our licensee, Gloria Morales. (Thanks, Gloria! And thanks Brent for holding the fort!) The goal: to learn the laws that govern real estate in this country. Even though foreigners cannot hold a license until they have been residents for five years, at least I can go through the process of learning for the sake of our clients.  So I guess the best thing is to just go to the source… ACOBIR.

To date, our clients are mostly foreigners who speak English.  Imagine, you don’t speak the language, don’t know the process, and are trying to buy actual real estate.  It’s not the same here!  So, you have to trust your professionals.  But before you say “Just tell me where to sign”, please keep in mind that most of the conflict situations in this area have started with a contract that did not outline what happens if the worst happens.  And, because sometimes the worst happens, it’s best to know who will be expected to do what in that case, and have it spelled out clearly in writing.  If not, you look at taking a hit, or getting involved in Panamanian court process which you do NOT want.

Well, I digress.. as professionals… We want to be the type that you trust because we are trustWORTHY.  I see this membership in ACOBIR as the best network we can be a part of here to take us to our goals professionally.

Please contact us at, whatsapp at +507-6390-5229, or skype: live:karla_5897 or facebook @opendoorspanama.  Hope to see you soon!


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