Virtual Reality Tours of Panama Real Estate

If you can’t get to Panama today, let us bring our homes to you!

At Open Doors Panama Estates, we are very excited to launch a fully immersive Virtual Realty experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your home…anywhere in the world!

Our love of innovation and excellence drives us to bring you the best that technology has to offer. We feel this benefits both sellers and buyers, especially when searching for an international dream home.  From exact map locations to floor plans, clear photos and videos, when buyers walk into the door of one of our listings, buyers feel like they are already “coming home”.  Now, with 3-D virtual reality we can bring that feeling to a whole new level!  Sometimes, having the right information can help you make the decision whether now is the time to buy that plane ticket!

TIP: You can easily identify which of our listings are available in 3D by looking for this logo. Go ahead and check out our homes for sale in Pedasi Panama!

View Pedasi Home For Sale in 3D Virtual Reality
View Pedasi Home For Sale in 3D Virtual Reality
View Pedasi Home For Sale in 3D Virtual Reality

Why Virtual Reality is Great for Sellers

For owners who are thinking about selling your property in Panama, we offer this service free of charge to our exclusive clients.   We want your home to really outshine the competition as well as make things easier for you!  With virtual showings, we can decrease the amount of showings for casual inquiries while at the same time increase the likelihood of bringing a serious buyer to your property sooner. We give all of our sellers the choice to participate in the program and the ability to decide what levels of access they want to approve.  Free for all, or only qualified serious buyers… it’s up to you!

What Buyers at all Levels Love About Virtual Reality

People like to call first timers “Lookie Lous” or “Tire Kickers”, as if exploration was a dirty word or a bad thing!  Well, even we were Lookie Lous at one time and needed to explore different areas of Panama before we decided to move.  For people who are not ready to buy yet, we hope you enjoy coming by our office for a no-hassle consultation and a mini-tour!  You can really get a grasp of the area without feeling like a burden.  And hey, sometimes people just “fall in love” with a home and area and decide that now is the time.  If that so happens, we’re ready to take action!

How We Make Virtual Realty Even EASIER! 

When in Panama: If you don’t have your own VR headset, we have a few sets here in our Pedasi office, and you can buy a pair for only $30 to take home with you.  Then, if a new listing comes on the market after you go home, you can request your virtual showing right away!

International Buyers: For our distant clients in the US and Canada, we can ship a set to you for the same price.  If you are out of North America, we’ll send you a link to buy a cheap set online. Once you have your goggles, all we have to do is send you a link to the tour and you can use your smartphone and our instructions to view.

Don’t worry… you don’t NEED a headset to see the tour.  It is also viewable on your smartphone or computer as a virtual tour.

Take a Mini-Tour of Pedasi

Do you wish you could hop over to Pedasi today?  Well, we haven’t invented teleportation yet, but you can visit virtually with this mini-tour viewable in your 3-D Virtual Reality headset! The bottom of the tour expands to reveal a goggles icon that, when clicked prepares your smartphone for the tour.  Or you can scroll through with your phone or computer kind of like Google Maps in streetview.   We hope to see you in person soon!

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Open Doors Panama Estates is an independent, licensed real estate brokerage in Panama.  License # PJ-1245-17.   Member, National Association of REALTORS, Council of Residential Specialists, Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.

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