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Why tell you about Pedasi when we can show you why you should purchase a property in this beautiful vibrant coastal town?  Known throughout the country as the center of folkloric culture, a safe and tranquil town with amazing surf, great fishing, cool vibe and plenty to do… well, see for yourself!

*Photos graciously provided by local Panamanians and expats who call Pedasi “Home”.  For more information and links to business websites, click photos to open the lightbox.  All photos used with expressed permission from their owners.  If you would like to submit two or three photos of your business, please send them via email to karla@opendoorspanama.com with the link you want us to forward them to.

Beaches of Pedasi and Playa Venao

Pedasi is home to many beautiful and untouched beaches.  Every beach has its special draw, and depending on what you want to do, whether surf, swim, fish, walk, lay out in the sun, jump in tide pools or snorkel, you can really find it all here!

Kids Activities

Pedasi is a great place to grow up!  Children enjoy learning from nature, run free in the park, get together in the evenings for soccer, basketball and boxing classes let by the local firemen.  The adventurous build tree houses just like the “olden days”.  In Playa Venao children compete at international levels in surfing and Brazilian JiuJitsu.  The Surf Dojo Skatepark is always a hit! Birthdays are celebrated with their friends from all over the world.  Educational options are increasing with the local public school and the incoming English language private school with international accreditation through Cambridge.  For foreign children, learning Spanish is a byproduct of natural play, but there’s always the Buena Vida Language School too! 

Scuba Diving

When you find your passion, you must follow it.  When you find paradise in which to follow your passion, well, life just can’t get any better!
“I came to Pedasi, on vacation, for the first time in December 2009.  I immediately fell in love with this beautiful village…and then I went scuba diving!  Upon entering the Pacific waters off the shores of Pedasi, I discovered an even more magical world and an enchanted reef full of life.  Now, I spend my days sharing my love of the ocean with divers and dive students.  Come.  Dive Pedasi!”  – Kerry Lusk-Barnes, Owner at Pacific Paradise Pedasi

Places to Stay on Vacation: Pedasi Hotels, Hostels, and Resorts

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