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Luxuries of Pedasi, Panama:

Interior Design Service by Alma Hus

pedasi panama homes for sale Get to know this amazing woman! Pedasi locals know her as Maria, but I love her strong Icelandic name: Sigrun Maria Porisdottir.  She is the amazing interior designer responsible for the dramatic transformation of this gorgeous luxury home in Costa Pedasi.   What are the odds that in this small Panamanian beach town way off the beaten path, I would be so fortunate to find such a professional!  I can’t wait to tell you the whole story… if you are interested.  If not, just scroll all the way to the bottom to find her contact information and details about how to get this service absolutely free through your friends at Open Doors Panama Estates.

About Sigrun Maria, Interior Designer

Sigrun’s professional interior design and fashion footprints traverse the globe in Spain, India, Brazil and Panama.  Her projects range from small updates to full commercial interior design.  She is fluent in Spanish, Icelandic, English, Portuguese and Emoji. 🙂 Always positive and full of energy, she is well liked and respected in Pedasi by both expats and Panamanians.  Her business name is Alma Hus and you can find her work on Facebook and Instagram (see links at bottom of page).

homes in Costa Pedasi

Colorful main street Pedasi, Panama

Pueblo Colorido Project

Late in 2016, the town of Pedasi had an initiative to repaint homes and business on the main street and plaza. The town came alive with local and foreign artists contributing not only to paint homes, but beautiful murals.  At the center of it all, but totally out of the limelight was Sigrun Maria.  When you hear her talk about the project, she says that she only “planted the seed”, but it was the Panamanians, with support of their mayor and local businesses, that really took the idea and made it happen.  With Sigrun’s eye for color combinations and the Panamanians and Expats who volunteered side by side, you soon saw the town come alive and really transform into a very cool, tropical beach town.  It’s really amazing to see people work together to do something positive!

(Click photo for full size)

Transforming Casa 40

Sigrun provided pre-photography design consultation for all of our clients, but this particular home was a “Diamond in the Rough”.   We could see the amazing potential with the ocean views and the expansive spaces.  Thankfully our client gave us the green light, and off she went to Panama City! If you live in Panama, especially in Pedasi, you know how difficult shopping can be: especially for decor!

The day the furnishings arrived, it was a mad dash to get it all assembled in time for our photo shoot.  Sigrun went into overdrive assembling and arranging.  She worked all day at a pace a toddler would be jealous of.  In the end, we were absolutely amazed at the transformation.   Even our world-class photographer was inspired! Costa Pedasi, Casa 40 is now full of happy energy, tropical synergy, and exquisite taste! The lucky future owner can move right in, unpack their suitcases and throw an amazing “Welcome to Panama” party.  I can imagine it, and can’t wait for that day.  At this price, it should be pretty soon!

How to get Interior Design Service by Sigrun at Alma Hus

We spoil our clients.  Both our buyers and sellers receive a FREE two-hour Interior Design Consultation. Preparing a home to stand out in the market is hard work, and not everyone knows what should go where or what needs to be done to be competitive in this market. We are here to help!  With a little love and teamwork we can get your home looking like a model that will be sure to turn heads all over the world! Why buy a home and wait until it is time to sell to get it looking amazing?  Our pampered buyers have the luxury of a free consultation.  For those building a new home, Sigrun will help you plan your layout for the placement of future furniture as well as maximizing efficiency and flow. Moving is stressful enough, even if it is an adventure.  We hope this helps a bit.

Contact Information for Sigrun Maria

If you are not in the middle of a Pedasi real estate transaction but you need design help , Contact Sigrun Maria directly at one of her social media channels.  If you tell her you found out about her here, it will definitely make her day!

Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Website

Do you know of a local artisan, concierge service, or business that really stands out?  We love supporting quality local businesses whether local Panamanian or expat!   Show love to our community by helping us spread the word.  Leave your comments below.

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  • Bob Shapland

    If you’re looking to buy or sell a luxury home here in Pedasi, Karla Adams at Open Doors Panama is the person for the job! And Sigrun is obviously fantastic at interior design, as the photos clearly demonstrate.

    • Karla Adams

      Thank you so much Bob! We are so blessed to know you. You are not allowed to move!!!

  • Dear Karla Thanks for your extreamly nice words ,it has been my pleasure and fortune to work with such profesional and kind person like you !

    • Karla Adams

      The pleasure is all mine!!!

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