Villa Luna Mar | Luxury Oceanfront Home for sale in Costa Pedasi Panama

An oceanfront estate that showcases a merge of exquisite taste and architectural superiority An estate unique to all of Panama, Villa Luna Mar sits majestically on a low cliff overlooking the [...]

Best Swimming Beaches in Pedasi

Internationally known for its many pristine beaches, Pedasi ranks as a great destination for surfing, scuba, fishing, whale-watching, saving turtles and swimming!  Unlike most areas with beaches [...]

Expat integration in Pedasi

Pedasi Is A Great Place for expats to integrate! For a small town in the middle of nowhere, Pedasi has a pretty good sized group of foreign residents commonly referred to as expats [...]

Safety in Pedasi Panama

Is Pedasi Safe? My Interview with the Police: How safe is Pedasi, really? In Pedasi, expat and local children play unattended in the neighborhood. They come home for food just like “the [...]