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Luxury Gated Beachfront Development in Pedasi, Panama

An exclusive development of luxurious custom homes overlook the Pacific coast of the southeastern tip of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula.   Sensational sunrise views of the ocean showcase the great humpback whale migration. Residents who are not directly on the beachfront have access to a private pathway leading directly to a tranquil beach.

Beautifully built properties range from the mid three hundreds to over two million dollars with a steady recent sales history that represents a sound investment.  Private and developer lots are for sale in Costa Pedasi with reputable custom home builders nearby. The homeowners have recently chartered their own association aimed at maintaining the community, accelerating its growth, and protecting property values and the security of this gated community.

Find Your Happy Place

Is it a quiet walk on the beach?  A fun family evening participating in local folkloric events? A prize catch after a long day fishing? A gathering of friends from around the world enjoying a glass of wine and a few good laughs?  Maybe you prefer watching the sunrise over the ocean, hoping to catch site of a pelican making a morning catch.  A surfer, no doubt has found their paradise.
Could Costa Pedasi be yours?

How is the Weather in Costa Pedasi?

The weather in Pedasi, Panama is actually a little different than other areas of the country.  While still experiencing two distinct seasons which last about half the year each, the location in the dry arch tends to magnify the dry season, and allows for a milder rainy season.  Depending on the month, you may experience varying degrees of wind and humidity which slightly alter the typical temperatures with dry season highs in the upper 80’s F and upper 70s F in the rainy season.  From December through June, consistently sunny days make for excellent beach going; and with ten gorgeous local beaches within 20 minutes of Costa Pedasi, it’s a paradise.  In the latter part of the year, magnificent lightning storms over the ocean are amazing to watch, the whales come to provide their show, and the entire area is lush, green and vibrant.  Some say that the best time of year to visit is December , but Pedasi can truly be enjoyed year round, depending on your own preferences.

What is the Costa Pedasi beach like?

All Costa Pedasi homeowners have easy access via a private pathway to LaGarita Beach.  Spanning approximately two miles in length and covered in plentiful soft sand, the beach is prime for long leisurely walks.  Lagarte Point is a well known bodyboard destination frequented by locals. The second section of the beach is more suitable for swimming depending on the tides.   Local fishermen frequent the beach, carrying their catch home in handmade baskets.  The tides and lunar activity as well as passing currents keep the beach looking fresh each day but also require caution  especially at LaGarte point as conditions do lead to rip tides.  Where many beach communities offer only one beach, Pedasi has many more beaches equally wonderful to choose from just a few minutes away including Playa Arenal, Playa Toro, Playa Los Destiladeros, Playa Escondido, and Playa Venao with its world class surfing and resort dining options.

Where in the WORLD is Costa Pedasi?

beachfront development in pedasi
beachfront development in pedasi

Homes for Sale In Costa Pedasi

Feature Properties

We are happy to present for resale beautiful privately owned properties ranging in price from $375,000 to $2,500,000.  Most properties are priced at or below the cost to build new today as construction costs have increased.  Let us help you decide what the right decision is for you!

Lots for Sale In Costa Pedasi

Private and Developer Inventory

Twenty-four out of ninety developer lots and several private owner lots in  Costa Pedasi lots are available ranging between 1,000 and 2,000 square meters and priced between $110 and $250 per square meter.  Only one beachfront lot is still available for sale at this time.

beachfront development in pedasi

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe is Costa Pedasi?

Pedasi has a nationwide reputation among Panamanians and expats for being very safe. In comparison with other popular areas like Coronado that are closer to the city or have larger populations, this small town is a tight-knit community where neighbors look out for other neighbors.  In addition to that, Costa Pedasi has 24-hour guards at the gate adding an extra level of security to the community.

In geographic location, Pedasi is outside of major natural disaster risk zones including hurricanes, earthquakes and floods. The water has not been affected by Fukashima nuclear disaster.  Politically, the climate is stable and without tension. The abundance of fish and locally grown agriculture makes it a sustainable environment.

Is the water supply reliable?

Yes, you can drink the water right out of the tap! Costa Pedasi’s water is supplied by  eight private wells, four of which are on reserve.  There is a 15,000 gallon reserve tank which takes about two hours to fill from empty. During the rainy season, there is no shortage of water.  Toward the tail end of dry season, there have been some shortages requiring the delivery of water from outside sources. Several properties have their own wells used as backups or for lawn irrigation.  The homeowners association has assumed control of the water supply system and they have a plan for bringing the wells to a high standard.

What is the source of electricity?

Costa Pedasi runs off of Union Fenosa and has three phase power delivering 175 Amps to most homes.  This is at North American standards.  Occasionally, power can become interrupted for a few minutes to several hours.  It is not necessary, but is recommended to have a backup generator, as most homes in Costa Pedasi do.

Is there high speed internet?

The recent installation of a high speed internet tower in the community allows for three levels of internet delivery. Options of 3 MBS, 5 MBS and 10 MBS plans are available and cost from $50- $150/mo.  The internet is very reliable, and as long as you have power (generators recommended if steady internet is important), you  typically will have internet connection.  The 10 MB signal is strong enough for a few devices to stream live simultaneously.

Do the lots qualify for tax exoneration?

All of the lots in Costa Pedasi are in private corporations and structured legally to allow for the thirty-year property tax exoneration.  Each property will have a different amount of time remaining in the exoneration.

How do you get to Costa Pedasi from the town?

From the main street, head toward the town square. From either side, pass the square and the basketball court to the place where the two roads join.  Continue on that road past the cantina on the right, past La Fonda Mysteria, and out of town toward Playa Toro.  At the fork in the road, rather than continuing strait, turn right toward Playa La Garita.  You will pass Andromeda on the left, and before you hit the dirt road going to La Garita beach, turn right into the gate of the community.  Showings are by appointment only, and there is no sales office onsite, so please contact us to set up your tour of the community.  We are happy to assist you.

Is there a recreation center or other amenities in the community?

In July 2017, the newly formed and legally chartered homeowners association assumed the responsibility to continue the establishment of the rec center, which is in progress, but currently paused so as to prioritize upgrades to infrastructure. The recreation center will continue as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, most homes in Costa Pedasi have their own pools and outdoor entertainment areas.  Gatherings of friends within the community are common at the private residences.

What are the HOA Fees, Rules and Regulations?

A new, homeowner established association became a legal entity in 2017 and now has its first officially elected board represented almost entirely by community residents. The principal purpose of the Association is to promote goodwill among the Costa Pedasi community by establishing expectations of building project and conduct norms as well as maintaining common areas and making sure the development continues to grow in a positive direction.  The owners felt it was in the best interest of the community to take the initiative to accomplish together many goals in regards to water distribution, pest control, maintenance of public spaces and vacant lots.  Monthly fees are currently $137/month and increase no more than 10% per year.  Contact us for rules and regulations.

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