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$155,000 | 2 Bedroom | 2 Bathroom | 152.97 Mt2² (1,646 Ft²) Built | 152.97 Mt² (1,646 Ft²) Lot

Brand new home on the edge of Pedasi town. High quality finishings, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large patio and swimming pool. 3 minutes by car to beaches.


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Year Built: 2022

Titled Lot: Yes


Source of Water: IDAAN

Source of Electricity: Naturgy

Wastewater: city sewage

Total finished size :  152.97 m² |  ft²

Enclosed (interior):  76.61 m² |  ft²

Outside area (Covered):  28.95 m² |  ft²

Outside area (Uncovered):  47.41 m² |  ft²

Pool:  11.42 Mt2

About Costa Pedasi

You will find this stunning new oceanfront development just seven minutes from the downtown plaza in Pedasi, Panama. The gated community of Costa Pedasi is uniquely situated along the shore of La Garita beach, which is one of the area’s favorite among locals for fishing, bodyboarding, and tranquility. A newly chartered homeowner’s association is run completely by the private homeowners of the community making this area truly one-of-a-kind. Recreation center with pool, dining area and workout facilities is currently underway. Contact us for information and to arrange a private tour.

Photo Gallery

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Alejandro Porras & Beth Ihle

Alejandro: (+507) 6675-0828

Beth: (+507) 6676-9210

Real Estate License PN 1185
Member of ACOBIR
Member of National Association of REALTORS.

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