Cooperating Broker Relationships

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At Open Doors, we welcome cooperating brokers and salespeople who want to show and sell our listings to their clients. All of our listings are marketed with an exclusive agreement, however we happily split commission with any licensed brokerage firm.  Unless other arrangements are made in advance, we split the commission with any broker who brings their buyer physically to the property.  For a referral, where the buyer’s contact is sent to us, the commission is 25% of the total.  If the client is already in communication with us, we do not pay referrals, but we do honor the commission if the other broker brings the buyer for the first visit.

Guidelines For Co-marketing Our Listings

  1. Anyone can send an unbranded link to our listings via the MLS.  If you need a direct link to our listings, please contact us.
  2. To put our photos on any website, send via email, or share on social media without linking to our website, permission and terms must be agreed to prior to your marketing activities.
  3. ACOBIR Members: With respect, we ask that you do not use our properties for mass emails.  If the properties will be displayed on your site it must be obvious that it is not your listing, preferably with credit to our office.
  4. Do not post ads to external sites such as
  5. Please conduct all showings and communication with the seller through our office, even if you know them personally.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!  Please share your listings with us as well so that we can return the favor.






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