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Dear Parents,

Pedasi is getting a new school!  This page is for quick updates.  We will try to keep you informed via the comment section below.  We are all working moms here, yet very dedicated to the cause.  So please forgive the very informal approach.

  1. Together (Panamanians and Foreigners) we can have a better, higher quality of life by learning from each other, enjoying our similarities and differences.  Any school will be designed for the purpose of bringing us together.
  2. Understanding languages opens doors.  For the Panamanian child to learn and be fluent in English, opens the door to both further education away from home and job opportunities.  An English speaking Panamanian can earn sometimes four times the income for the same job.  English is good for Panamanians. For the English speaker, there is no better way to learn Spanish than as a child in both an educational and immersion setting.  Without our Panmanian brothers to play with on the playground, we lose the opportunity to really integrate into this lovely country we call “home”.
  3. Affordablility is important. Pedasi is home to people of many income levels.  Our school must be able to accommodate more than only the wealthiest of foreign and local families, yet still produce educational results at a high level.
  4. The spirit of the Junta de Embarra can be used to create a school structure, fill it with quality tools like computers and science lab items as well as great teachers.
  5. We have several offers of donated land. Several builders and developers have already raised a hand to support the cause.  Land and property owners recognize that whether they have students in their families or not, it is to their benefit to support the establishment of a school.
  6. Like water, electricity and safety, education is paramount in any developing area.  We, as a town cannot succeed without a school.
  7. We have a list of over 45 students growing daily.  With this list, we are actively soliciting ESTABLISHED schools that meet our town’s criteria to open a branch, bring in great teachers and run both a successful business and educate our students.
  8. Pedasi is home to people from all over the world!  Where else can you have so much global exposure in one tiny area???

We will be posting updates in the comments section so that you know what is going on.  Please check back often if this story is of particular and timely interest to you.  When things become concrete, we will send email updates to any parents on the list.

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